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Repair & Polishing

Rolex Repair Specialist

Bruno the Watchmaker provides uncompromised professionalism and expertise when it comes to repairing and restoring Rolex watches. Each movement is completely overhauled, and each case and bracelet is meticulously refinished to restore its lustre. Timekeeping accuracy and water resistance are rigorously tested to guarantee the level of quality and reliability you naturally expect from a Rolex watch. RMW also provides repair and restoration services for vintage pieces. Rolex cases and bracelets can be polished and refurbished to look almost new. Repair My Watch is the most trusted, convenient and competitively priced place to have your Rolex repaired, restored or serviced on the Gold Coast.

Replacement Crown

If the crown of your timepiece is damaged, it compromises the watch water resistance and can be subject to damage when winding. We provide a service where we can replace the crown. We use official factory parts to ensure the authenticity of your watch and also restore the watch's appearance.

Watch Repair

Bruno Paoletti, from Repair My Watch, is a highly skilled Watchmaker who combines classic techniques with state of the art tools to repair your watch so that it can function like a brand new timepiece. He handles all watches with great care and a determination to keep them safe. Your watch is inspected, battery replaced, time and date set before it is handed back to you. During the battery change and inspection, if the watch requires servicing, a quotation will be given outlining the work needed.

Watch Service

During your watch service, we strip the movement and every piece in the watch for inspection. It is then cleaned of oil and dirt using sophisticated machinery, re-assembled, lubricated, regulated, re-cased and water pressure tested (where necessary). The watch case and bracelet are polished/refurbished (optional) and cleaned before final assembly.


If your timepiece doesn't have the same shine it had a few years ago and is in need of refurbishment Bruno will provide a tremendous refurbishment service using various polishing and lapping equipment.

Battery and Reseal

Bruno is accredited to perform this maintenance servicing on all watches. He will place a new battery and a freshly sealed gasket around the case back. The case back is then properly fitted back on the watch. It is then pressure tested to company specifications to ensure water resistance (if required).

Replacement Glass

Normally a watch glass can break or crack easily from impact or from dropping a watch on a hard surface. Repair My Watch can replace almost any glass that is broken, including replacement seals. We also buff the glass of your watch to remove the scratches or marks. We only use official parts while replacing your watch glass.

Watch Repair Warranty

We stand behind our maintenance services 100% and are dedicated to your satisfaction and loyalty; that's why we provide a 12 -month warranty on workmanship and parts. The warranty begins as soon as your watch returns from the workshop. If a problem arises with your watch during the 12 months following our initial services, we will repair or replace any damaged parts and/or correct the repair execution. RMW warranty does not cover parts we did not provide. The warranty covers replacement parts and actions related to services rendered; our guarantee does not apply to normal wear and tear, negligence, or accidents. Due to the delicate nature of watches, the warranty is subject to our discretion. If we discover evidence of tampering, then the warranty will be null and void.

Repair & Polishing

Repair & Polishing