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Handbag Cleaning,
Handbag Repair and Handbag Restoration


House of Handbag Cleaning & Repair
Our professional team are equipped with expert knowledge and technology to obtain impressive results from bags through to boots. From combined experience of working with the most exclusive bags and accessories - from cleaning and protection services, hardware and stitching work, right through to delicate repair and restoration services, we always find a bespoke solution customized to the requirements of each handbag service.

Handbag Cleaning
Professional cleaning and disinfection of leather handbags, shoes, apparel and accessories. We are able to clean and remove stubborn stains such as colour transfer from garment, ink stains, and food or drinks spills from material like Leather and Suede to delicate Vachetta leather and Nubuck leather.

Handbag Repair
We expertly perform delicate repairs from rips and tears, scuffs and scratches to colour loss, split piping and worn handle edges and more. Our extensive range of handbag repair services are most of the time custom to suit the requirement of the repair on each handbag

Handbag Restoration
Breathing new life into your bag is important to make them last longer! When your handbags, jackets and accessories have seen better days, it is time for restoration. From badly worn and torn leathers to intensive fading and loss of shape, we restore them with best effort to a like-new condition at the same time maintaining the touch and feel as much as possible.

Vachetta Revitalize
Vachetta is an untreated Italian cowhide leather that is often used in the trimming of handbags and luggages. It is known for being especially delicate which stains easily, will darken when exposed to sunlight, and can be easily damaged by attempts to clean it. Thus, we created Vachetta Revitalize service to revitalize the leather after cleaning in order to retain the lovely character of Vachetta leather.

It can be quite unpreventable to lose or break some hardware on your handbag during the term of use, without noticing it! We might not be able to source all kinds of original hardware for you, but we can most of the time get generic matching hardware to solve the problem on your bag.

One of the well-learnt technique in our team is the repair and replacement of zip back to the original quality and appearance. A broken zip is one of the most common issues for jackets, handbags and wallets and it definitely does not bring an end to an exclusive bag or jacket.

Stitching & Lining
As long-serving wardrobe staples, even the highest quality handbags and jackets will succumb to general wear-and-tear at some point. Our team of expert can perform minor stitch work sewing through to adding new pockets or new lining for your handbags and jackets. Sometimes, a few simple stitches can repair a damaged handle of your handbag!

Colour Change
Our team go through intensive training to colour match all kinds of colour provided to us physically, and sometimes, we spent hours in our workshop simply to get one exclusive colour tone matched-up, but we love it as much as the fantastic result! Customizing the colour of your handbags, shoes and jackets can be fun during the process, although we do not totally recommend it. Why not!

Handbag Protection
The old adage ‘prevention is better than cure’ is particularly true when it comes to leather damage. A stain on your leather jacket, shoes or handbag can often mean its life in your wardrobe is over, so it’s really important to protect these accessories before the damage is done. We perform high-quality protection treatments to help ensure your beloved handbags always remain in peak condition.

Shoe Repairs
The traditional cobbler services to complete our one-stop service solution for all of our lovely customers, from replacement of heel tips and shoe soles to patching, stretching or stitching of shoe lining, our bespoke repairs offer to match the original shoes condition.

Leather Care Products
At Royal Bag Spa, we are all about giving our customers ways to keep their handbags and other leather items in tip-top condition. We source the most useful and reliable products from company that we trust to treat your bag to the ultimate at-home spa treatment. After all, taking care and maintaining your leather goods condition is the most cost-saving and important thing to prevent it from getting damaged.